Reviews for Cured

“Cured is full of all sorts of shattered expectations. A one woman show that is entirely entrancing the whole way through. Nudity that makes a salient, visually alarming point and is not shocking at all. Cured is an incredibly brave, ambitious and original performance that is as entertaining as it is latently disturbing.”

Drum Media

“It may well have upset some folk, but one has to admire Marisa for serving up something completely new. The writing was clever, at times poetic, delivered throughout with a cheeky grin and an engaging manner that made us all expect to be next on the preparation table. The tale was filled with dark gripping symbolism. A brave new genus of play delivered with courage.”

Independent Theatre Association

“Garreffa has combined her family background in meat and butchery with her performing experience to deliver thought-provoking entertainment. Garreffa’s strong distinct voice, the quiet echoes from a fairground punctuating the plot, the steadfast trombonist acting as a brassy Greek chorus all make Cured a delectable performance memory to be savoured.”


“Full frontal nudity, animal corpses for props, dark humour and clever writing, delivered in a pop-up theatre, all add up to give this edgy play serious hipster cred. This is exactly what Perth needs – stimulating new works to get people talking.”

Fairfax Digital

“It is confronting, but not in a way that causes a negative reaction. Rather, it is compelling, and Garreffa is emotive and enthusiastic in her presentation.”


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