Marisa Garreffa

“Perth’s hottest upcoming director”

(Paper Cuts, WA Today, 2009)

“Garreffa has given her all to Eat My Monologue, which the bamBOO crowd has eaten up”

(Eat My Monologue, Drum Media, 2009)

“Writer Simon Stephens and director Marisa Garreffa stimulate reflection through a hyper-intense, yet nevertheless acoustically poetic, dramaturgical flagellation of the audience”

(Motortown, RealTime Arts, 2008)

“Marisa gas guided the play with such an assured and confident hand that potential flaws become fatal flaws of a society in a moral vacuum”

(Motortown, The Post, 2008)

“..just the ticket for a good night out”

(The Romantic Misadventures of a Perth Girl Looking for Love, STM, 2007)

“With no words spoken, this production reached its audiences on a deeply emotional level”

(The World In Spite of Itself China Tour, Asia Times, 2007)

“..a stunning theatrical production”

(The World In Spite of Itself, The West Australian, 2005)

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